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MEMMCOL  through Momas Systems is the first wholly indigenous company to deploy, install and manage pre-payment metering solutions for Nigeria’s Power Holding Company of Nigeria PLC (erstwhile National Electric Power Authority – NEPA) for bulk domestic and corporate organizations use. At the moment, our metering solutions have been deployed for many private organizations, major estates, Shopping Malls and all the Electricity Distribution Companies around the country. 

Furthermore, MEMMCOL has one of the broadest product offers within the industry and it comprises of meters (Electronic, MD Meter, PLCC Meter, Smart STS meter  and  of various configurations), vending, revenue management, services, training, maintenance and support.

Bulk Metering System

Bulk metering system arises as a result of revenue recovery drive for 33/11KV customers. It is applicable to estates, markets, barracks and companies that utilize electrical machines in which Electricity Distribution Company feed them on the 33/11KV feeders and transformers. Maximum Demand (MD) meter connected to this transformer measure both the true power (KWH) and apparent power (KVAR). The readings on the meter determine the energy consumed and the appropriate bill.

  Meters/management systems can determine energy usage irrespective of the source of generation.
  Minimal cost of electricity revenue collection
  It is robust and could be adapted to suit client’s peculiarities
  Assists the facility management in making budgets for utility requirement within a given period of time
  It allows the estate manager to freely communicate and ascertain the state of the meter remotely.
  Energy need can be planned for by customers
  Drastic reduction of technical and non-technical losses
It enables customer to manage its load demand
Assist consumers to manage consumption of electricity, hence minimal financial burden on customer
Hitherto wasted electricity can be diverted to other customers for judicious utilization
Dynamic payment options

Extent of our Participation or scope of work

  Installation of meters
  Installation/commissioning of prepayment metering system
  Rehabilitation of the reticulation (if necessary)
  Management of electricity revenue collection within the estate or barracks
  Generation of monthly exception report and its subsequent utilization for the monitoring or policing meter in the network to track energy theft.
  Rendering of monthly energy status and other relevant information
  Preventive maintenance of the infrastructure
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